Tozai Games Announces Even More DLC Packs For Spelunker HD for the PlayStation®Network

The most brutal stages yet, plus a special low 50% off price  for PlayStation®Plus Members!

Tozai Games announced today that Spelunker HD fans are in for even more challenging platformer action with two additional new Championship Mode DLC packs coming next month. The packs, EX9 and EX10, are expected to launch in North America on October 2nd, and in Europe on October 3rd.

As with the previous DLC, PlayStation Plus members will be able to purchase both Spelunker HD, as well as all the new Championship Mode DLC packs for 50% off for two weeks starting from the day of launch in each region.

“These new levels are possibly the toughest created to date, in a game that is already considered one of the most challenging of all time!” says Scott Tsumura, Tozai’s co-founder. “Yet our fans keep begging for more, so we’re excited to have so much new content for them.”

In Spelunker HD, the player navigates each labyrinthine level to reach an ancient statue that stands at the entrance to yet a deeper, more heinous cave. En route, you may operate the archaic mine equipment and ride the automated machinery to aid in your quest. You’ll collect a plethora of items and power-ups, encounter a vast array of creatures, and detonate bombs and launch flares as you run, jump and climb your way ever deeper. When nostalgia strikes, an option to play in the original 2D graphic style is also available.

This devious reimagining of the classic 1983 platformer created by Tim Martin contains all the fun and teeth-grinding challenge of the original, but with bold new 3D graphics, 100 freshly designed levels (and soon to be 100 more), and both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes for up to six players.

Spelunker HD received a PlayStation Store Top Sales Award when it first became available in Japan in 2009. It also received a truckload of critical acclaim in North America and Europe including a Best of 2010 award from Joystiq.

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