Introducing the Assassin – the 7th Class of Ran Online

The latest class for Ran Online has been revealed, and the Assassin is ready for a close-up.


CLASS NAME : ASSASSIN, 인술부(in-sul-bu)


Ÿ   The Seventh class in Ran Online that with various multi-targeting skills.

Ÿ   Depending on the points distributed (on POW, DEX or INT), each Assassin type has its own special trait as the following in PvE(Eliminator), PvP(Infiltrator) or Balanced(Rogue) in the harsh battle fields.

Ÿ   Eliminator: Powerful assassin swinging giant scythe without mercy dominating multiple enemies at once whom distribute their points into POW. This type of Assassin unfolds multi-targeting skills to provoke and draw large number of enemies at once for best PvE battles.

Ÿ   Infiltrator: Fast assassin slashing enemies with combinable dual spear whom distribute their points into DEX. This assassin exhibits the cloaking skills to hide from their enemies for rapid attacks and controlling skills to dominate enemy characters for best PvP battles.

Ÿ   Rogue: Well balanced assassin with huge shuriken to perplex enemies from the distance whom distribute their points into INT. This assassin uses various types of skills to confuse and attack the enemies and defend themselves which are very useful in both PvE and PvP battles.


The silent executioners subduing targets in the darkness.

The Assassins have never been the strangers to the students of Sacred Gate, Phoenix and Mystic Peak schools of Saint Foundation which have been isolated from the world because of the phenomenon caused by “Absolute Point” and “Solidified Stone”. The students have seen and heard about the assassins and ninjas through movies, books and various other media about the special way of their training and how they move in the shadows. However, it was only possible in the fiction and that is how students considered the assassins.
Such beliefs of students were crushed all at once when the phenomenon had hit the world and isolated schools and towns nearby. The chaos which phenomenon had brought to students had made them the warriors against the mutated friends and un-describable creatures. The teachers and major group of students of Swordsman and other clubs tried to find the source of the phenomenon and to fight off the enemies but it was a lost fight without knowing anything about the enemies.

During this chaos, there was a group of people who were secretly guarding the students. They would appear out of nowhere and save endangered people and disappear without a word. Their faces were always covered with bandana or ski masks as if they do not want to reveal themselves ever, despite the fact that the schools have been already isolated from the rest of the world. This kind of unusual behavior naturally made the teachers and the students to think about assassins they have read or seen in the books and soon they were known as the NINJA or the ASSASSIN.

The name earned by their appearance was not wrong! The instructors of assassin who will later on fight against the Partisans from Daramai of Another World for the Solidified Stone which holds the key to the world isolation are actually the real Ninjas living the present. They used to be the secret agents of Korea, Japan and China handling the top secret missions only. Dr. TK the founder of Saint Foundation had hired them with the support of three governments. They were the masters of all sorts of ancient and modern martial arts and even the famous fictitious skills commonly known in three countries. Their secret given mission from Dr. TK was locating and retrieving Solidified Stone.

The reason why they wouldn’t reveal themselves even after the isolation of the world was because of their secret mission. They reproached themselves for the disappearance of Dr. TK around the time of phenomenon, thinking that they could have stopped it, if they had completed their mission. The life in the isolated world had brought shock and guilt on these cold and merciless secret agents also. They started to protect the faculty members and students in the chaotic times but they could not reveal themselves just yet.

However, when the Partisans of Daramai came in search of Solidified Stone, they could no longer continue their hidden lives. Partisans were a group of elite Daramain warriors who were born and live in the dark but has eager desire for the light was not the easy opponents for students of Swordsman, Archer and etc. In order to retrieve the Solidified Stone before the partisans who are the sons of darkness with hiding and critical attack skills, schools needed someone who can adapt into the darkness, just like them. Therefore, the three schools have gathered and agreed on establishing a new class who can go retrieve the Solidified Stone against the Partisans and asked help to Assassins.

But the Assassin have made a request that was disagreeable to the school officials. They requested the schools to unite their forces together for the everyone’s sake living in the world of isolation and chaos. Schools have been holding each other in check for the limited goods and resources and this request was not something favorable to all three schools. Even after the Absolute Point and Solidified Stone, the causes of the phenomenon are all resolved, there was no guarantee of connecting back to the world they are missing and therefore, schools had to pursuit the welfare of their own school.

Ruin, the person who led the establishment of Assassin club and will be instruct the students and his followers also knew about the relationships between the three schools but they have made such request anyway. They figured that the less intervention of the three schools was essential for Assassins to go after the Solidified Stone while confronting the Partisans. Because in case Assassins are distracted to the politics of the schools then not only they will not be able to focus on their mission but also it will bring the devastation to all three schools. In order to prevent the worst, they needed no intervention but the full heated support from the schools.

Fortunately, the schools well understood how dangerous it was to confront the Partisans and the importance of the mission to find the Solidified Stone, Ruin and his followers were able to achieve what they wanted. Also, they have concluded to continue the dispute for the goods and resources between the schools in limited conditions, allowing only for those who wish to fight and they were able put spurs to establishing Assassin club.

As the building of Assassin club became more materialized, the leaders of Assassin focused on something else rather than the their unique and powerful martial arts. Skills were very important indeed but they were focused on the unification between the schools. Therefore, the leaders decided to plant community spirit into the students who applied for Assassin regardless of their schools and they have created the education courses of Assassin club.

“Return to the world where we belong through unification and collaboration.”

Now, these newly established Assassin clubs of each three schools have started their journey to achieve this ambitious goal.


RAN ONLINE, the 3D School Action MMORPG was developed in 2004 by Min Communications, Inc., an online game developer located in Daegu, Republic of Korea. The game has very unique game theme where two very different Realms co-exist. New contents have been updated continuously and improved the game and it is now serviced and played by the users of Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong with great popularity.

Students who have been living a normal way of lives as any typical teenage boys and girls, are suddenly faced against extraordinary phenomenon. Communication with outside world has been disconnected and the students had to fight against men and women of insanity triggered by an unknown and unconfirmed cause and they must survive from this time stopping realm. Find the cause of the phenomenon and complete their recollection of formal lives which comes back to them after endless fights.

– Modernized Game Landscapes and Scenery

The game comes to you with much more sense of reality as it is built on the concepts of the contemporariness and the school-life, both of which are part of a typical teen’s everyday life in today’s world. So as you play, you will see and feel those streets, downtowns and schools as real and true as they are in your daily life.

– Taking place in two separate “Realms”

The characters, or the students in the game will be going through a countless number of fights and battles, completing a swath of quests given along the way to retrieve their lost sagas of old, with only a piece of clue about the past in their hand; their lively actions will be taking place not only in what’s called the “real” world, but in the “anti-real” world, to which the former becomes the gateway.


Min Communications is a global maker of computer games, striving to bring the markets the best of creative and fun games for all.

The company has been able to maintain an unparalleled reputation for core technology needed in the industry by focusing on research work of many kinds since its inception in 1997 and is even more committed than ever to making and providing quality games to our customers worldwide. The company’s broad network of channels overseas has been well established since 2000 and is now morphing itself into a leading enterprise in creating global entertainment in its worldwide markets.


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