Q-Games is Having a PixelJunk Anniversary BLOWOUT Sale

Starting tomorrow, to celebrate Q-Games 10th and PixelJun’s 5th Anniversary all of PixelJunk games will be on sale.

Details after the jump.


The games on sale are:

PixelJunk® Racers

PixelJunk® Eden

PixelJunk® Monsters Deluxe

PixelJunk® Monsters

PixelJunk® Sidescroller

PixelJunk® Shooter – Part 2

PixelJunk® Shooter

PixelJunk® Racers: 2nd Lap

And,  PixelJunk® Monsters Deluxe, PixelJunk® SideScroller, and PixelJunk® Shooter 2  will be available on the PlayStation Vita starting May 15th for half price $4.99.

PixelJunk® 4 am will release on PSN May 15th.


Check the announcement sale video:

PixelJunk® BLOWOUT Sale begins May 8th and ends May 15th.