MLB 12 The Show’s Challenge of the Week for 5/7/2012

Another week, another challenge has been thrown down. Will you step up to the plate?

Find out the challenge details after the jump.



This Week’s Challenge

Test your skills with this lefty on lefty match-up. Ichiro faces Sabathia. Prize this week, is a signed CC Sabathia Limited Edition game cover. The goal is easy: get as many hits and points as possible. The mode is FREE all year long.

Challenge Bonus

In an out, collect one of each hit type. Weak, Deep Fly, Line Drive, and Home Run
Bonus: 5151 points | X 5 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Out
Hits Required: Home Run (1), Deep Fly (1), Line Drive (1), Weak Hit (1)
Patient Power!
To become a true threat, you must show patience as well as power! Collect 10 balls in a session.
Bonus: 10000 points | X 1 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Session
Hits Required: Ball (10)
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