Continual Overseas Growth Planned for 2012

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Gamania Group announced today its strategy for 2012, a continuation of expansion efforts across global gaming markets based on increasingly mature R&D abilities. It’s highlighting the consistent growth of its Taiwan Headquarters, the success of its Japan and Hong Kong divisions – which are now leading publishers – and its Korea division, which is gaining popularity through a self-developed browser game.

Gamania Group CEO Albert Liu said, “Last year, Gamania proved that our globalization strategy brings results. Therefore, in 2012 we’ll continue to strengthen our R&D abilities in order to launch more MMORPG and cross platform games in every region. Through our self-developed titles, we’ll continue to grow our Western market share, while maintaining a firm foundation in the Asian markets.”

Stable Growth in 2011 – Impressive Figures from Each Branch

In 2011, Gamania Group’s YTD growth was 20.42% – breaking records for the fourth year and almost doubling its 2007 revenue of NTD3.5 billion. Also, Beanfun! grew to the largest gaming portal in Taiwan, with up to 2.6 million unique login accounts every month and a total of 13 million members. Almost a quarter of Gamania Group’s revenue came from overseas markets, with both Hong Kong and Japan both experiencing 20% growth. Even the Korea branch’s decade long efforts have begun to pay off. Its self-developed browser game, “Web Koihime Musou”, has gained popularity and is expected to have continued success in 2012.

Strong R&D Abilities to Drive Expansion

During 2012 Gamania plans to keep a strong foothold in Asia, continue to expand in Europe and the US, and keep a sharp eye on any new markets. Each branch will develop its own business strategy in order to continue growing market share.

Gamania Japan and Hong Kong plan to capitalize on their momentum by releasing a series of diverse products. Gamania Japan will grow its highly successful line of self-developed browser games by releasing a web adaptation of the famous “Phantom Brave” IP, called “Web Phantom Brave” in Q1 of 2012. Gamania Korea, which has experienced great success with “Web Koihime Musou”, will also follow up with many more browser games in 2012 in order to gain an even larger foothold in the market. Gamania Taiwan will be releasing three to five diverse large scale MMORPGs while still “seeding” current popular games. In addition, there will be at least four new self-developed browser and SNS games launched each year to attract all different types of gamers and broaden its business scope.

Rich Product Line to Maintain Asia and Expand Western Market

Last year, Gamania showcased four of its star R&D products that are currently in development – Langrisser Schwarz, Tiara Concerto, Dream Drops, and Core Blaze which is being created specifically for the Western market. Dream Drops may launch as early as Q2 in Asia, with Langrisser Schwarz and Tiara Concerto to be launched in the second half of 2012. Also, Gamania US just announced yesterday that its next game to launch in North America, Divina, is now open for Closed Beta registration:

About Gamania Digital Entertainment (US) Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Gamania Digital Entertainment (US) Co., Ltd. is the North American subsidiary of Gamania a leading pan-Asian online game developer, publisher and operator, providing high quality online game service to its customers. After building its name as a leading licenser of popular online games in Asia, from renowned titles such as Lineage I and MapleStory, Gamania’s next focus is on bringing high quality products from in-house development studios to market in North America. Gamania’s ultimate goal is to build a global digital entertainment experience, easily accessible to people all over the world.

Further information on Gamania and their upcoming games, can be found at the official global Gamania corporate website: