Set for release on PC digital platforms on March 1st 2012,  Deep Black: Reloaded is set in a desolate near future of global terrorism and espionage as players become involved in a desperate fight for world supremacy and the capture of a sophisticated biological weapon.

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The year is 2047. Global mega corporations known as keiretsu have supplanted governments around the world. The most powerful of these is Ishiguro-Himmel Systems (IHS), headquartered in Berlin. Those nations that remain have been driven to the brink of war by a struggle for dwindling natural resources. In order to survive, these countries have banded together into two multinational supra organizations that pool their wealth and military might in a quest for survival: The United Federation of Gondwana, which comprises South America, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia; and the Global Strategic Alliance (GSA), which includes North America, Europe, and northern Asia.

For years, Gondwana and the GSA have been the dominant powers, thwarting the growth of companies like IHS. However, with the recent discovery of a fallen meteorite, all that is about to change…

Syrus Pierce used to be the best. As an operative of the mercenary group CHARON (Chief Amphibious Reconnaissance Operational Network), he undertook highly dangerous missions into enemy territory on behalf of anyone who could afford his services. But despite numerous attempts at infiltration, he was never able to dismantle the Al-Azrad terrorist network. During his final operation, several of his squad mates were ambushed and wiped out by Al-Azrad operatives in Yemen.

Now, years after his retirement, Pierce is contacted by his commanding officer, General Jack Sterling, who informs him that members of a GSA research team have been taken hostage off the western coast of South America. He says that the hostage-takers are members of the Al-Azrad terrorist network. The situation is complicated by the fact that the research team was operating near enemy territory (since South America is part of Gondwana); Pierce is the only one who can get into the area undetected, and he has experience dealing with Al-Azrad. Sterling also promises that Colonel Susan Velasco, his only surviving squad mate, will be in charge of the operation. Considering this fact, and given his personal vendetta against the terrorists, agrees. However, after infiltrating the underwater facility, Pierce discovers that he and Velasco have been lied to by their superior officer, General Jack Sterling. In reality, there is no terrorist threat. It’s much worse than that.

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