Upcoming Change to PSP and PS3 Activation Rules

Changes are coming to how many PSP and PS3 Systems can be activated under one PlayStation Network account. Full details after the jump.


Sony has announced on the PlayStation Blog that upcoming changes will be enforced that might change how many devices you will actively use on your PSN account:


We’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes to the usage policies for PlayStation Network game content. As of November 18, 2011, the number of devices that can be activated on one PlayStation Network account for game content purchased from the PlayStation Store will be updated as follows:

For game content purchased after November 18, 2011, a new policy will apply and the number of devices that can be activated will be as follows:

  • PS3: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PS3 systems.
  • PSP: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PSP systems.

Please note that this update will not affect game content purchased before November 18. The PSP rights include PSP-1000/2000/3000 series as well as the PSPgo system.

PlayStation Network users are able to change the activation setting through each device, and Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.

For most users this probably wont affect them, but if you own more than 2 PS3s, you’ll have to de-activate one and then re-activate another when switching between them. PSPs are in the same situation. At least they are going to allow us to manage the activations online and that has been needed for a while.

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