Review – Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC

Eidos Montreal returns us to the world of Deus Ex with its first addition of downloadable content. Is it worth your credits, or should this aug better left in the shop? Read our review to find out.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution released two months ago and received high scores across the board. It shipped over 2 million copies and the reviews were off the chart (read ours here). The game introduced us to our main character Adam Jensen. In the year 2027 he’s a man that, after being almost killed and physically destroyed, was rebuilt using futuristic augmentations. Part man, part machine, and 100% someone you don’t want to mess with.

The original storyline has Adam looking for his friend, and top augmentation researcher, Megan. She was abducted in the same attack that left him for dead, and his pursuit for information to her whereabouts was relentless. The Missing Link DLC picks up after the end of the original story, and finds Adam in a mess of trouble.

Adam had hidden himself away on a ship out of China that was registered to a private military contractor named Belltower. He was discovered and captured. His interrogators stripped him of his augs and chained him into a chair and beat him senseless, all to no avail. They decide to leave him until they reach their destination, but someone else decides to step in and help Adam escape.The Belltower folk obviously aren’t too smart.

We will leave the story there so as not to spoil anything for our readers.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution received high scores for a reason. It was and is a fun game that can be played many different ways, and with several different difficulties to choose from. The DLC fits into that scheme seamlessly, but without the carryover of most weapons and augmentations. Almost giving you the sense of a brand new game. Once you find Adam’s removed augs, you are awarded with your body armor, weapons, and a large handful of Praxis Points, but you still aren’t at the level you may have been if you have finished the original storyline. This gives you the incentive to explore and complete as much as possible, so as to make Adam a better soldier by upgrading his augs.

Where are my damn augs?

Boss battles have been a sore point for quite a few gamers, and they have voiced their opinions online. Stealth players seemed to have the most problems since they focused more on stealth augmentations and less on combat augmentations. The original game dropped you into Boss Battles without much warning, and if you weren’t ready, you were annihilated. The Missing Link DLC changes that somewhat. Once you enter the final battle area, you can take out the grunts one by one, and in turn stock up on much needed ammunition, so that you are ready to take on the final bad guy. You can still use stealth to eliminate everyone, and even the final guy doesn’t have to be killed.

The DLC storyline is just as well written as the original and several different plot lines are left open, creating multiple possibilities with just the first of many DLC packs. The new story consists of six new levels. New maps and environments have been added to go along with this story and you may find yourself burning up 6+ hours getting through it all. The storyline itself was written so as to add new layers to the overall conspiracy story and adds new characters as well.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a remarkable game, with its many game styles, a vast world, and RPG elements. The Missing Link DLC expands upon this with an offshoot storyline, that is intriguing, entertaining, and well worth the $15 price tag.

If you are a fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolution then you’ll love The Missing Link DLC.