Review – Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon

Being a TV show at Comedy Central, you can now play as one of your favorite characters in the game (The TV show has the same name) Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon is a dual-stick shooter with wacky enemies, weapons, and more. Love the show, but not sure if the game is worth getting? Lean back and read our review to find out.


UGLY AMERICANS: APOCALYPSEGEDDON is a show that is in an alternate universe. All of the action occurs in New York City with creatures ranging from “bird men” to humans to demons to zombies. The game was published by Comedy Central Games and developed by Backbone Entertainment. The game has you choose from four main characters. They are Mark Lilly who is a human, Callie Maggotbone who is a demon, Leonard Powers who is a wizard, and Frank Grimes who is also human. The main purpose of the game is to play as one of the four characters and go through New York City streets and kill anything that moves. It is a 2D side scroller.

It has RPG elements and 4 player online co-op with offline co-op as well. the RPG aspect was implemented to level-up the characters, not like that improved the game. The humor is just flat out dry. The first “case” you take, you’ll encounter the bird men and soon you will noticed they just repeat the three to four phrases in an infinite loop, and that can get annoying as hell. The controls are ok, as well goes for the graphics, sound, and character animations. Not much effort was put into this game. It gets repetitive, with very limited fun, and that leads to boredom. Games should be entertainment, not painful. I don’t like being this harsh but this game is just horrible.

To add salt to the open wound, this game is very short, and adding a prize of $9.99 with a download size of 1681 MB (1.6 GB) this is not a game worth buying. Think wisely before you do. You are better off getting a different game than this one or just keep your money for an upcoming PSN game.

If you love the show, there might be a chance you’ll like the game. A very small chance, but still, a chance.