Gamania Announces National War MMORPG Warrior of Dragon

Back Story and Races Revealed, Art Design and Official Facebook Fan Page Now Available. More details after the jump./td>

Warrior of Dragon is a new 3D war-oriented MMORPG being developed by Gamania of Beijing, Greater China. This PVP-oriented (player vs. player) online game, which has been in development for three years, is being made by an elite team of more than 50 talented game designers and artists. Combining ancient Chinese mythology and Western fantasy, Warrior of Dragon attracted a great deal of attention from gamers at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, with particular interest in its striking combat system, conflict between different factions, and epic landscapes.


The art design for Warrior of Dragon was officially released today along with the backstory of the conflict between the Gods and Demons, the formation of the Nine Provinces and the birth of mankind. The three races in the game will each have their own particular strengths and unique traits. Today Gamania has released a video of one of the classes in the game – the Assassins. Gamers will discover a wealth of original content and enjoy the distinctive visual style of the in-game characters and settings. Within the game itself, players will become champions for their race and unleash devastating, dazzling attacks across endless battlefields. Players will be able to choose their own race in Warrior of Dragon, control powerful weapons, deftly use a full range of moves and attacks to defeat enemies, and fulfill key objectives in inter-faction battles.


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About Warrior of Dragon

Warrior of Dragon combines Oriental and Western mythology to create breathtaking landscapes where players can use the game’s unique character development and crafting system to forge their own legendary weapons. Massive full-scale national wars will introduce players to exciting battlefields and intense PVP combat. For the most daring players, the “War of the Gods” will allow them to travel through space and time to challenge the ancient gods, face to face. If they can survive the rage of the gods and endure their overwhelming power, players can attempt to ascend to godhood.



Assassins Class

Blood Thirsty Nimble Killers of the Shadows


Warrior of Dragon, the brand new fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Gamania Digital Entertainment, features intricately woven tales of epic wars and ancient myths on a never-before seen scale. The game lets players join nations, which wage war against other nations, presenting conflict that will engulf the entire fantasy world of the Nine Provinces.


Today Gamania has released the video of one of the classes in the game – the Assassins. These warriors of the dark strike hard and fast at their unsuspecting enemies, shaking the Nine Provinces with their swift and lethal arts.




Assassins – shadowy figures with murderous intention

Born for Wars – Warrior of Dragon

The rich backdrop of the game spans across many millennia, from the beginning of the world to the formation of the Nine Provinces, which reside within the Four Realms. Tales of trust, resentment and conflicts intertwine between the two factions, three races and six classes of the game, forging unique experiences for players on an epic scale.


The main draw of the game is its PK-centric (Player Kill) combat system. Players can jump to evade an opponent’s attacks and change battle styles through a weapon-swapping system. Proper use of battle tactics, positioning and precise control are the key to winning battles. Born for the sole purpose to fight wars, Warrior of Dragon features a comprehensive PVP system, delivering the best competitive online MMORPG experience to players around the world.

Image artwork of Assassin (right) and Warrior (left)

Assassins – “Your sole purpose: Assassinate Your Opponents”

Assassins are cold-blooded killing machines, lurking in the dark and feeding from its energy. They kill with a single blow, delivering fast and lethal strikes to their enemies and subsequently vanish into darkness. Everything Assassins do is for the sole purpose of destroying their opponents – each and every one of them!
Assassins can use three types of weapons: daggers, claws and wreathed blades:

Assassins who use daggers are skilled killers, delivering powerful and lethal blows in single strikes.

Assassins who use claws are masters of physical abilities, nimble and flexible.

Assassins who use wreathed blades have the best damage dissipation ability, often appearing in front to attract enemy attacks.

Assassins have a special absorbing ability: ‘Battle Aura’, which is obtained through charging techniques, and used in finishing moves, greatly increasing its damaging power. Battle Aura is the key to controlling the burst of Finishing Moves.


Assassins hiding in the shadow

Lethal Gracefulness – experience the smooth PK styles of Assassins

In Warrior of Dragon, there are no tanks, no DPS (Damage Per Second), and no power-levelers – anyone can dominate the PK fields through skilled controls. Assassins can change their battle styles instantly by swapping between daggers, claws and wreathed blades, adapting to different battle conditions. Daggers dish out high damage, claws refine controls over battles, and wreathed blades excel at absorbing damage. The “Phantom Strike” is the assassin’s final PK technique, delivering powerful blows to opponents with a spectacular and thunderous flair. The flexible battle styles and the heart-pounding Phantom Strike finishing move of the assassin will surely attract the attention of many PVP lovers!

Kill Zone – one of assassin’s techniques


Phantom Shadow form of the assassin


Multiple Slash – one of assassin’s techniques

About Gamania Digital Entertainment (US) Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Gamania Digital Entertainment (US) Co., Ltd. is the North American subsidiary of Gamania, a leading pan-Asian online game developer, publisher and operator, providing high quality online game service to its customers. After building its name as a leading licenser of popular online games in Asia, from renowned titles such as Lineage I and MapleStory, Gamania’s next focus is on bringing high quality products from in-house development studios to market in North America. Gamania’s ultimate goal is to build a global digital entertainment experience, easily accessible to people all over the world.