Fatshark’s Upcoming Title Delayed for PC and XBLA and Indefintely for the PSN

Hamilton’s Great Adventure release date moved to the end of May for the PC and Xbox 360. PSN release date unknown due to outage. More details after the jump.

Today Swedish based game developer Fatshark announced the surprising fact that Hamilton’s Great Adventure has moved from an April release to May 31, 2011. Although it might not be surprising to all, as the first clue is that the game is not out and it’s May now.

“We have pushed forward the release of the game a few weeks to be able to polish things, like Gunnar Johansson’s resume for writing this stupid press release” said Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark. “Also, May is two letters shorter than April and that has no relevance whatsoever to the game.”

Hamilton’s Great Adventure will introduce Ernest Hamilton, the great explorer, and his friendly bird Sasha, on their quest that will remain secret to not spoil the story.

“I am delighted that my game will arrive in May, since that’s the same month as the National day of Norway and I have a Facebook friend that is Norwegian” says Ernest Hamilton, Main Character. “Another thing that makes me happy is that the players will lend me a helping hand on my adventures when the game is out – it’s hard doing everything yourself even though Sasha is a great sidekick. Make me look good gamers!”

Hamilton’s Great Adventure will be out on May 31 2011 on Steam and other downloadable platforms. The PSN version will be announced at a later date due to circumstances we can’t control. 

You can follow Fatshark at www.twitter.com/fatsharkgames and www.facebook.com/fatsharkgames.