Developer Side-kick Announces Two New Motion-Controlled Games

Made Exclusively for iSec, EEDOO’s New Sports & Entertainment Center. Gesture-based Game Developer Showcases Mainstream and Lifestyle Motion Game Titles for iSec Platform. More details, with screenshots and art work, after the jump.

Side-kick, a leading developer and publisher of motion control games, today announced two new games for the EEDOO Sports & Entertainment Center (iSec), which made its official debut last Friday in Beijing. The titles developed by Side-kick are the first games for the console that showcase its motion gaming capabilities.

With intuitive motion and no complicated physical device controllers, motion-controlled games will appeal to wider audiences and drive the growth of the video game market to an estimated $70.1 billion by 2015. Side-kick promises exciting content for this revolutionary interface that will dominate the new home entertainment convergence environment.

“Motion-controlled games have been rapidly adopted by the consumer market over the past three years and our two new games, EEDOO-Sports and Air Time, provide an entirely new kind of gaming experience, one of total immersion, intuitive motion and lots of fun,” said Guy Bendov, CEO of Side-kick. “Our close partnership with EEDOO of China and the iSec will generate more motion gaming titles that are family-oriented and designed for the mass market.”

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Side-kick. Their games are attractive and provide great value to the end-consumer,” said Jack Luo, CEO of EEDOO. “Side-kick enables us to bring health and happiness to Chinese families, which is EEDOO’s core mission.”

With the recent success of the Xbox360 KinectTM, PlayStation®Move and the Nintendo WiiTM, Side-kick is geared to offer OEM and technology providers a variety of ready motion-control games in 2011, covering sports, music, and action genres. Side-kick is leading the motion-controlled games market by developing and publishing quality games for the fast growing market of motion-controlled platforms. With a unique early-to-market advantage, Side-kick is working with leading home entertainment platform manufacturers around the world.

And now the games:

Eedoo sports

Eedoo Sports is a collection of extreme sports and activities which serve as the perfect introduction to the motion gaming world.

The activities in this game include base jumping, rollerblading, a wall breaking game as well as a soccer penalty kicking game and a boxing training game.

EEDOO Sports Soccer

EEDOO Sports Boxing

EEDOO Sports Rollers

All of the games in Eedoo Sports were built especially for the motion sensing capabilities of the Eedoo platform. The games are very intuitive and are incredibly easy to pick up and play by everyone.

For the eBox, the games serve as a perfect introduction to the intuitive and innovative playing experience made possible by this amazing new device.

  • Very intuitive gameplay, easy to pickup and play
  • 5 different extreme sports
  • One and two players supported

Prime action

The perfect compilation of Introductory Mini-Games Package for PrimeSensor Platforms

The Introductory Games Pack is the perfect collection of mini-games which introduce players to the innovative and fun experience of playing gesture games on PrimeSensor equipped platforms

Be a part of Prime Team, an elite unit trained to handle the most extreme of conditions and face the gravest of dangers. They are always ready, always waiting for the call.

Sitting in their super secret training facility in the south pacific, they train, and wait, and train some more. Help them keep in shape while learning to use the new motion -control interface.

PrimeAction includes five mini-games and an online update system that allows updating existing games and adding new levels.


AirTime introduces the player to the Air Walkers, an ancient tribe that lives in a city above the clouds. They have lived there since an evil demon chased them away from the ground.

The hero of this game is a young boy who defies the warnings of the elders and takes a single peak at the world below. This alerts the demon to the Air Walkers’ hiding place. When the demon captures the entire tribe, the boy has to come down from the clouds to save his people.

In the game, you travel from high above the clouds to the bowls of the earth using ancient aerial pathways. You jump through the air ,glide, slide and use various attacks to defeat the demon’s minions. Control the hero as he goes from a helpless boy to a mighty warrior.

AirTime is a truly innovative motion game. It is the first controller free 3D platformer available on any platform. The game offers highly intuitive pick up and play gameplay and provides challenges to the best of players.

The game features many levels spread over different environments and a unique, highly competitive multiplayer mode.

This game was built especially for the Eedoo platform’s motion sensing capabilities

About Side-Kick
Side-Kick is the leading game developer and publisher specializing in motion games that use human gestures as the game controllers. Side-Kick was created by veteran gaming industry entrepreneurs and the team behind the first games developed for the PrimeSense technology. Side-Kick’s close ties with motion control technology pioneers as well as unparalleled hands-on development experience provide the company with unique access to faster development cycles and the ability to create ground-breaking games. Side-Kick is backed by Wekix, Kima Ventures, Jasmine Group, Celartem and private investors. For more information, please visit:

About eedoo
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