PlayStation®Home to Introduce Real-Time Multiplayer, Improved Physics and Refined Animation and Graphics

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced the development of PlayStation®Home¹s core client version 1.5, scheduled for public release this spring.  More details after the jump.

The update to version 1.5 will introduce a suite of new technology for developers to create even more sophisticated and realistic gaming experiences within PlayStationHome with real-time multiplayer, an improved physics engine and refined animations and graphics.  The new functionality of version 1.5 is being demonstrated for development teams at the PlayStation Home booth this week at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Available exclusively on PlayStation®Network via the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, developers will be able to take full advantage of the improved network mechanics to create fast-action multiplayer experiences such as online racing games and first person shooters within PlayStation Home.  Also included with the update to version 1.5 is a revamped physics engine, providing developers with augmented control overcollision, mass, velocity and other physics elements, for an even greater level of realism and more intricate gameplay experiences.  In addition, new technology has been added to increase developer control of animations in a scene or game, including the ability to play multiple animations on a single model, blending between animations and getting details in real-time for in-motion animations.  These new developer tools also allow for optimal control of the rendering process, resulting in an increase of graphically rich scenes and an overall improvement to frame-rate in games created with this new technology.

With this update, PlayStation Home further demonstrates its commitment to bring quality game experiences to users by adding several newdevelopment tools that will vastly improve the capabilities of the platform.  The highly-anticipated sequel to popular PlayStation Home game Sodium One from developer Lockwood Publishing, will take advantage of the updates to version 1.5 in this spring¹s Sodium Two.   The game, scheduled for a spring release in conjunction with the update, will featurefast action multiplayer racing at supersonic speeds, heavily customizable jet racers and a pounding soundtrack.