Take a Look at MLB 11: The Show’s Pure Analog Throwing System

The latest video for MLB 11: The Show introduces us to analog throwing. Check out the video after the jump.

With the introduction of analog throwing controls, errors are now earned and not just given by chance.

Pure Analog Throwing offers a new way to experience fielding as you can now control both the accuracy and power behind your throws. Push the analog stick towards any base to release your throw, or hold L1 while pushing the stick in any direction to throw the ball from the outfield to the cutoff man. Holding the stick longer will put a little extra mustard on the ball, but make sure to keep your throws accurate by pushing the analog stick in a straight line. Keep in mind that you can adjust Analog Throwing difficulty to make your experience more enjoyable.

The 8th is only a week away. Are you ready for The Show?

See you on the base paths in a week!