MLB 11: The Show’s Player Evaluator Can Improve Your Skills

San Diego Studios has always tried to make the best baseball simulator on the market with The Show series, and they continue to make the game better every year. The addition of an in depth performance evaluator just might help you go from a free swinging Vlad Guerrero, to a contact hitting machine like Ichiro Suzuki. More details after the jump.

In the past you could always look back on your last handful of at bats and possibly see where you could improve. Maybe you have a tendency to chase the slider running away or even a high tight one. Maybe you’re a pitcher that likes to stay low and on the outside corner too often, and batters can then start driving your pitches the other way. Whatever the case, there’s always room for improvement if you have the proper data available to you. Enter MLB 11: The Show’s Player Evaluator. A new system to help you be a better batter or pitcher, depending on which road you decide to go down on the way to the big show.

As a hitter, the system will evaluate each at bat, and award training points according to how you do. Walking up to the plate and slapping the first pitch you see into center for a single isn’t always the best way to help your team. A multi-pitch at bat that might wear the opposing team’s ace down a bit might help the guy behind get a better pitch to hit. You’ll earn more for that multi-pitch at bat than you would for the one pitch single.

A 5 Pitch Walk is Usually Better Than a 1 Pitch Single

Over the course of a season, you’ll be able to go to your stats and see where your weaknesses are, and know that the CPU will try to use that against you, making it easier to lay off those sliders running away. The evaluation of your last 100 at bats is always available, so use that information wisely.

Performance Evaluator For Training


The evaluation of your pitching can also be useful, so keep an eye on that as well

Pitching Evaluator

Once the system has enough data to work with, it will tailor training sessions that best suit your needs. Whether you’re a pitcher or a batter, it knows your weaknesses and acts accordingly.

Tailor Made Pitching Practice

Working on Your Batting Skills

San Diego Studios wants you to enjoy their latest edition of The Show and are including the tools you need to make you a better player. Will you listen to your skipper, or just while away your time on the pine?

Don’t forget, pre-order MLB 11: The Show and get MLB.TV free for 30 days.

See you on the base paths next month.