Review – The Undergarden

Developer Vitamin G Studios, and publisher Atari have teamed up to bring us The Undergarden. We spent some time floating around the game on our PS3. Find out what we thought of it after the jump.

You are floating through a barren world. It is up to you to turn that barren world into a beautiful garden that is alive with colors. Rocks have little buds awaiting your help. Find the pollen, fill up your little Pixie, and get busy.

The Undergarden‘s gameplay is simple and relaxing. Gravity is minimal because you are in an underground world filled with water. Pollen can be found in spores that are lying around and just need bumped in order to release their pollen. Once you are full, you can then just touch rocks, trees, and other things to get them to grow their flowers. There is no wat to die within the game mechanics, but there are things that can cause you to lose all of your pollen and/or explode.

Carrying Fruit

Some plants have fruit that will assist you in puzzles. You can pick up the fruit and move it around, and each piece of fruit has its own characteristics. Some float up and are used to lift puzzle pieces. Some are heavy and used as weights to push down puzzle pieces. Some are explosive and destroy other pieces. The puzzles are fairly simple and usually don’t require too much thought, but the game is supposed to be more relaxing than taxing. As you progress along, you’ll also find little guys called musicians that are collectibles for the game. There are also special flowers and gem stones to be found, so keep an eye out for them as well.

Pixie Bombs

The graphics for the game are top notch. Levels start out a little bland, but once you pollinate they are very colorful. Flowering animations are smooth. Level design is also well thought out, even though the puzzles are a little easy.As you progress along, you’ll unlock different costumes and customizations for your little pixie. These have no real effect on gameplay, but it does give the game more of a personal feel.

The music for the game is very relaxing and adds to the zen feel of the game. It keeps a melody that is soothing and relaxing, and changes somewhat whenever you are near a musician. The musicians add a nice little twist to the soundtrack. There are bongo, trombone and clarinet-toting musicians, and each one adds to the soundtrack differently. Have one of each and a real jam session erupts amongst them.

The Undergarden is a beautifully crafted game, with levels full of vibrant colors and relaxing music. If you are looking for a relaxing game that requires little thought, check it out.