nail’d Wants You Prepared for White Knuckle Syndrome

With nail’s releasing on November 30th, published Deep Silver and developer Techland have joined together to bring us a new hand cream designed specifically for the treatment of White Knuckle Syndrome (WKS).

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We want you to know that after minutes of clinical testing, we’ve determined that nothing gets your knuckles in a bunch like nail’d

 nail’d is a racer so fast, so intense that it is known among the development and publishing teams as being able to induce a traumatic host of physical afflictions, including passing out (which I almost did yesterday while playing a race with the Boost Madness mutator since I was holding my breath almost the entire race) and random Tourette’s-like screaming of “LETS GET NAIL’D!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!” regardless of presence or absence of other human beings or positive reactions of said innocent passer-bys.   But really, the worst physical affliction we’ve come across so far was so horribly bad and embarrassing, we took it upon ourselves to invent  a remedy to help nail’d fans be able to enjoy the fastest, most badass offroad racer out there without suffering from undue psychological trauma.  What is this horrible malady?  White knuckles.   Terribly embarrassing, I know.  It can strike at ANY TIME – like an irate cobra.   :[  DO NOT WANT x1000000000

 We’d like to introduce our official White Knuckle Cream to you today with the debut of our infomercial and the official White Knuckle Cream website.  You can find out more information at  and find the video assets for White Knuckle Cream below.  Pull the videos down and stroke them lovingly, and when you find yourself weeping under your desk from white knuckle embarrassment, feel free to play this infomercial – 50 times if you have to – to remind yourself that help is out there for your long lost knuckle blood.