RAGE Coming to iPhone

Yesterday at QuakeCon, John Carmack stepped on stage and delivered some pretty freaking amazing news – you know that game RAGE? The one that looks so spectacular on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Well, it is coming to the iPhone, too. Not only will RAGE be coming to the iPhone – in a rail-shooter variety, of course – but the iPhone is actually able to run the RAGE engine!

In his keynote yesterday, Carmack pulled out his iPhone 4 and proceeded to show off RAGE on the iPhone, running at an astounding 60 FPS.

“This is just my technology demo,” Carmack said. “We’re in the process of pulling this into a game framework, but this is one of my great points, where I’m able to just go in and do something, really leverage all of my skills, come in, and just leave a lot of people going, ‘Huh? What? How?’ But then I get to turn it over to other people to go ahead and go through all the real hard work of turning it into a full-fledged game.”

The really interesting news beyond, of course, the news that it can be played on the iPhone, is that it doesn’t just run on the iPhone 4. Apparently, it can run on older generation iPhones as well.

“This is running on an iPhone 4, where I did wind up cranking up a few things to go ahead and run on the big screen here, but it runs great, actually, on an original 2G iPhone,” he said. “In fact, compared to our other titles on here, this will be running at a similar or better frame rate to DOOM Classic and significantly better than DOOM Resurrection.”

Carmack has been a huge supporter of the iPhone, pushing the technological capabilities of the phones to the brink. DOOM Resurrection looks stunningly good, and RAGE looks even better. Seriously, it looks awesome, even on that big, blown-up screen at QuakeCon.

According to Carmack, there will be at least one RAGE game on the iPhone by the end of the year, providing something truly awesome for iPhone gamers to look forward to.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts. I’m seriously excited – that may be because I just got my first iPhone the other day….just putting it out there.
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Image courtesy Gamespy