Get Your Own Dead Space 2 Brutal Kill Video

The team working on Dead Space 2 at Visceral Games is offering a pretty cool little promotion this week. Visitors to can sign up with their e-mail and they will receive a special, brutal kill clip sent directly into their e-mail on August 18.

The brutal kill clip will, of course, highlight one of the aspects that made Dead Space such a runaway success when it was released in 2008 – we’re talking about the gorgeous graphics, folks. Well, that and the awesome ability to both dismember enemy necromorphs and get dismembered by them. The second one isn’t quite as awesome as the first, but…yeah. Still, seeing a video of it, exclusive to you? That’s pretty sweet!

Users can sign up today, and of course, we can all look forward to seeing Dead Space 2 arrive early next year!
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