Operation Flashpoint: Red River First Details

IGN is providing us with a first look at Operation Flashpoint: Red River, a game that I, personally, am really looking forward to playing.

I enjoyed Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. A military simulator was right up my alleyway – tactically based, realistic. It really put me into the action in a way that over-the-top first person shooters couldn’t. Every bullet was a danger to my livelihood, every squadmate was important to keep alive.

The thing is, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising wasn’t a huge hit. Those gamers who knew what it was and knew what the gameplay would be like loved it, but those gamers used to Modern Warfare and Halo found the action slow, and were probably confused by the difficulty of the experience.

“Generally, the impression that I get is that 90% of people that played the game loved it,” Sion Lenton, creative director of Operation Flashpoint, told IGN. “They thought it was something different but felt that it was really hard, that it was slightly obscure and difficult. 10% of people didn’t think it was hard enough. Out of every million sales, the people that I want to get the game right for is that 90%.”

According to IGN, the game will take place in Tajikstan, a former Soviet entity that sits right between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. It’s a country of strategic importance, and the game will involve US forces fighting against the Chinese People’s Liberation Army again.

It’s also a game that aims to be a bit more fun while still retaining authenticity. The game’s world is one immediate difference – Dragon Rising took place on a barren, Arctic island. A few pine and birch trees clung here and there, and there were small, abandoned villages. It was a boring, staid environment, and Tajikstan offers a unique opportunity to do something different.

The game will begin in the desert environs of Tajikstan, partially as a way to ease in first person shooter fans, making them comfortable with the environment because it’s featured so prominently in Medal of Honor, Modern Warfare, and Bad Company. But soon, the game will take players into the high mountains and through the rugged terrain near the Afghanistan border.

The game world will also feel more alive, with images from Codemasters showing a city environment, a gigantic dam, and marines huddled against a building as mortar flies around them. It’s all adding up to a more immersive experience, an experience that will encompass 200 kilometers of open area to explore.

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Furthermore, the article reveals that other improvements include a reworked radial direction system – which should help reduce the frustration of figuring out where a certain direction is such as “get to cover” or “fire in that area.”

Another improvement coming to the game is the ability to essentially auto-target if you so desire. There will be three levels of targeting – assists off (realistic), snap-to-aim (such as in Call of Duty), and lock-on targeting (like Red Dead Redemption). This is meant to help bring in FPS fans and allow for a great range of gaming experiences – from fast paced, lightning quick reflexes to realistic, hiding behind walls, waiting for the right opportunity-gaming.

One thing that Operation Flashpoint is focusing on is providing a realistic scenario, so you won’t see multiplayer. There is co-op gameplay, however, which should create some exciting experiences as you work through a campaign with a friend online. The team chose not to include multiplayer namely because of the contemporary aspect of the game – “I find it quite unsettling with Medal of Honor. I’m not sure if I want to play as the Taliban shooting American soldiers,” said Sion.

It’s sounding good. Really, really good. Personally I can’t wait to see it in action. Thoughts?

Source: IGN