Teen’s Video Game Habits Lead Police to Marijuana Stash

Illinois police officers arrested seventeen-year-old Trevor Miller last week, along with his parents, Jim and Cindy. According to reports, the teenager’s gaming habits are what led police to the Miller household. Read on to find out more.

Trevor Miller was a big fan of MMORPGs. The kid had some pretty sweet characters, with a lot of rare and expensive equipment to boot. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, well, they weren’t such big fans of their son’s gaming habits, but Trevor didn’t really care what his parents thought. As long as they kept giving him their credit card to gain access to his favorite game’s item mall, he didn’t care about much at all. So what did he do when his parents stopped letting him drain their bank account on virtual weapons and armor? He decided to steal a credit card.

The only problem was that Trevor wasn’t a very big computer whiz. He could play his favorite games, but building a complex scheme to trick people out of their credit card numbers was out of his league. His solution was simple: smash a car window and take a credit card off the passenger’s seat. A few days later, a car burglary was reported to the Lincolnshire police.

Higher authorities began to track the stolen credit card. It wasn’t long before a string of unauthorized purchases of “virutal gold coins” was detected and traced to the Miller homestead. However it wasn’t the scrawny seventeen-year-old that surprised the police when they arrived at the scene, but the six marijuana plants out back.

The authorities killed two birds with one stone last week, when they arrested the entire Miller family for marijuana possession. Jim and Cindy Miller are awaiting trial, and are being charged with unlawful production of marijuana. In a gesture showing how important the family unit is to them, the parents let their son take the fall with them on a charge of unlawful production of marijuana, as well as one count each of identity theft, burglary, unlawful use of a credit card, and computer fraud.