Civilization V Getting Demo

Firaxis has confirmed it is planning to release a Civilization V demo before the game releases in September.

A message posted on the game’s website said, “The demo will be released in September, before the full game is released. More details about what will be available in the demo, as well as the exact release date are coming soon, so stay tuned!”

Civilization V is looking to change up the series by creating hexagonal map spaces rather than squares. This will allow for a larger degree of movement for troops and other units. In addition, the game has gotten rid of religion and espionage, classic aspects from the series that was part of a consolidation of the tech tree in the new game.

In addition, the combat system has been overhauled and city states now exist, controlled by the AI, which will function as trading partners and will be independent of the rush for victory.

Civilization V is shaping up to be one incredible experience and its development is being led by a huge series fan, which augers well. We’ll keep checking in on the game as it nears its release!