Rumor: GTA V Set in Hollywood

This is a BIG, BIG rumor and should be taken as such, but the rumor is, Grand Theft Auto V is going to be set in Hollywood. Yes, the Hollywood. As in tinseltown. As in movie stars.

According to VG247, the setting of GTA V, and possibly more information, will be revealed during a Max Payne 3 event. Possibly at Games Com?

The VG247 writer who revealed the rumor, Patrick Garratt, indicated in the dialogue he wrote that Rockstar told him about the reveal.

The important portion of the dialogue he wrote says:

What about that story you mentioned?”
“[laughs] You’re shocking.”
“Man’s got to live.”
“This is a big one. And they’re about to close your gate.”
“No problem. We’re in an airport. It’s full of planes.”
“It’s GTA V.”
“About time.”
“It’s not easy.”
“I know. Did you get the setting?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“It’s set in Hollywood.”


“That’s what I’ve been told.”
“Seems small.”
“Yeah, well. I didn’t make it.”
“Come on.”
“You asked Rockstar?”
“No comment.”
“They’re going to announce it soon.”
“I don’t know. I think it’s going to be at the Max Payne 3 event. ‘Soon’ is all that was said. I doubt GI’s canvassing opinion on location for fun.”

So there you have it, folks. Even though he says “No comment” when asked whether Rockstar told him it seems pretty obvious that they did.

But this raises the question – will it really just be set in Hollywood? Or will it really be all of LA? Hollywood is a good-sized area, don’t get me wrong, but what about a downtown area and numerous freeways and all the other things that make GTA, well, GTA?

I think a GTA game set in Hollywood is absolutely fantastic. It’s just, I can’t see the whole setting just being Hollywood.

Source: VG247