New Operation Flashpoint, and New Grid Being Developed

Codemasters’ senior vice president of production, Jame MacDonald, has told Develop that new iterations of Operation Flashpoint and Grid are in development at the UK studio.

“We’ve got a major launch with F1 coming up in September and developed at our Birmingham studio,” said MacDonald, “and we hope to draw new IP from there. Our Guildford Studio is working hard on Bodycount, and we will be looking to take that franchise further and further with the addition of more IP.”

He continued, saying, “In Southam it’s full steam ahead with the next iteration in our Flashpoint series, as well as the next Dirt and Grid. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.”

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, arrived last year and Grid was released in 2008. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was a high-realistic though somewhat flawed combat simulator. Set on a fictional island off the coast of Russia, the story revolved around the oil-rich island being invaded by the Chinese. The Chinese invasion led to U.S. involvement to protect their oil interests. It wasn’t a huge commercial success mostly because it was a niche product — being successful required patience and tactical consideration above and beyond that of other simulations like Ghost Recon.

Grid was an excellent racing simulation, something Codemasters is excellent at developing, and a new Grid is extremely welcome.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more news on these games as Codemasters begins to open up about them.

Source: Develop