Electronic Arts and Ubisoft Part Ways

Word surfaced this afternoon that Electronic Arts has decided to part ways with French developer Ubisoft. The official word is that Electronic Arts sold their stake in the company to reduce their stock portfolio and facilitate upcoming changes in their strategic priorities.

According to a statement released by Electronic Arts: “More recently, the Ubisoft position has been viewed as a portfolio holding, rather than a strategic holding.” Marketing experts estimate that the transaction was worth $122 million. The sale of their business doesn’t seem to be phasing Ubisoft, as the value of the company’s stock has gone up 1.7 percent since the news was released.

Representatives from both Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have confirmed that the companies parted on good terms, disputing no part of the separation. A spokesperson from Ubisoft commented that the separation was “good news for Ubisoft, which regains its independence, although EA has always supported our strategy.”

Most famous for their work on the Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell games, Ubisoft has prospered over the last six years during their partnership with Electronic Arts. In recent years, the company has grown exponentially, with the acquisition of popular developers including Blue Byte Software and Red Storm Entertainment. Industry experts have predicted that even though the partnership was fruitful for both parties, Ubisoft will have no problems remaining a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry.