Star Wars: The Old Republic Enters Beta Testing Phase

It was announced recently that Star Wars: The Old Republic, the highly-anticipated game from the creators of Mass Effect, has entered the beta phase. Although the game is far from release, BioWare is selecting a limited number of community members to assist in the testing of the game. Read on after the jump to find out how you can earn one of the coveted spots in the beta.

Testing spots are open to all members of the Old Republic community who have completed the testing registration process and meet the specific requirements of resources needed for testing. Although the actual testing only began recently, the registration process has been open for some time now, and the first batch of acceptance emails has already been sent out.

Although the testing is starting in the United States and Canada, the development team has announced that over the coming weeks, the beta will spread to other regions of the world. If you aren’t a member of the Old Republic community, you can sign up and register for the beta at the game’s official website. If you have registered and haven’t received an acceptance email yet, don’t be discouraged. The beta just started, and only the first of many batches of emails has been sent. And remember, always keep an eye on that much maligned spam folder of yours. It could just be your ticket into the biggest MMO of the year.

Joe Grogan

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