Darksiders Coming to the PC Side September 24th

The hellish beat-em-up game, Darksiders, will be available to PC users in the near future. THQ has promised that Darksiders “has now been meticulously crafted for the PC to deliver the same great art style and dynamic game play to a whole new audience.” You should be able to pick it up September 24th. However, there will also be a special Hell Book edition available as well.

If one were to pick up the Hell Book edition of Darksiders one would find a decent haul of goodies inside. Included will be the Darksiders’ soundtrack CD and a comic book and art cards created by Joe Madureira, artist of such comic books as “The Uncanny X-Men,” “The Ultimates,” and “Battle Chasers.” This special edition certainly isn’t the heftiest that we’ve seen, but for Madureira fans I’m sure there will be no complaints.