E3 2010: New Hydrophobia Trailer Unveiled

Yesterday at E3, Dark Energy Digital released a new trailer for their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Hydrophobia. Showing off even more of the insane aquatic physics made possible by the HydroEngine dynamics engine, the trailer features the first segments of actual gameplay since the first-look video was released more than a year ago.

To be honest, when I first heard about Hydrophobia back in 2007, I brushed it off as another over-hyped Arcade title that would feature crisp graphics and about an hour of gameplay. I have to say though, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The game will be a full length title featuring highly polished graphics and a gripping story revolving around very real scenarios in the near future. But perhaps Hydrophobia’s most impressive feature is the fact that it implements not one, but two physics engines. The primary engine, the HydroEngine, is solely used to create dynamic water effects that are guaranteed never to repeat a wave pattern. The second engine, an unnamed solid body engine, is responsible for in-game objects once they have been set in motion. Combine the effects of the two physics engines and it’s possible to come up with some pretty interesting ways to take out your foes.

Watch the trailer below, and be sure to keep up with Hydrophobia, the game that’s quickly shaping up to be the most anticipates Xbox Live Arcade game of the year, until it releases later this summer.

Joe Grogan

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