E3 2010: EA Press Conference Quick Facts

Yesterday EA held their E3 press conference and, unlike the Microsoft one which Geoff sat through, it was filled with humor, astounding news, and entertainment. So why don’t we hit the jump and check it out!

Dead Space 2: We were given great gameplay footage of Visceral Studio’s upcoming sequel and, well, wow. They showed us The Sprawl, which is the city that Isaac finds himself in during his quest, and the scope of this city is sprawling, so it’s aptly named. They also gave us glimpses at new mining weapons including one that shot some sort of nail or harpoon, sticking the Necromorphs to walls. The suspense was high and the action was insane. From the looks of what we saw here, DS2 is going to be another smash-hit. There is a release date set for January 15th, 2011.

Medal of Honor: Following their franchise’s history, Medal of Honor is going to follow Call of Duty to its next battlefieled. This time, MoH is to be set in Afghanistan. We were shown a 24 player team deathmatch round and two things stood out to me. One, the AI actually seemed to be fairly solid. Secondly, there are now pop-up awards when you get a headshot or multikill, etc. Not exactly innovative, but nice nonetheless. The graphics looked great, but we’ll have to see more to really judge. Expect it Oct. 12th 2010 with an Open Beta starting June 21st.

Gunclub: EA is starting a new rewards program for dedicated players known as Gunclub. Using this system players can receive early access to news, events, betas, demos, etc. Their first action is allowing people who pre-order Battlefield BC2’s DLC to get into Medal of Honor’s Beta early. This program could prove to be very interesting and involving, or it could flop. Go ahead and check out what they’ve got so far at http://www.gunclub.ea.com.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC: Not much was shown on this but they captured the essence of a teaser trailer perfectly. The video hosted music from Creedence Clearwater Revival and helicopters flying over Vietnam. That was it. So we’ve got Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam arriving Winter of 2010.

EA Sports MMA: This martial arts game really astounded me personally. EA Sports is going all-out for fluidity, accuracy, and an insane level of challenging involvement. The highlight of MMA is the live broadcast where you can hype up your fighter, build a fanbase of real life people, get picked up by an EA rep and then fight major fights against other hugely known fighters (gamers). Then, people can tune in on their own sets to watch YOUR fights. You can win real life prizes this way and if it all works out alright it’s going to be great.

Active 2: In trying to keep gamers healthy, and with the releases of the PlayStation Move and the Kinect, EA Sports is bringing us the Active 2, a work-out game that will be available on the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Through very detailed work-outs and a heart rate monitor accessory you can become the super fit person you’ve always wanted to be. Now, players will be able to track their progress online and compare themselves to their friends. Because who doesn’t want to find out that Jan down the street is losing weight twice as fast than you? Though, in all honesty, it seems like this might be a good addition for the health-addicted gamers out there. Check it out Nov. 16th, 2010.

Madden NFL ’11: We know what to expect from a Madden game by now, but during the unveiling we were promised it would be “less daunting and more accessible.” By introducing GameFlow, a system that will suggest and help create plays, players without the technical know-how should be able to manage their way through a game just fine. Also, they’ve cut the actual game time in half, so you can enjoy more matches even faster.

Sims 3 Console: It was bragged during the conference that the Sims now have more free will than human beings themselves which is terrifying, because now the Sims have even more possibilities in their lives. The new professions allow you to actually perform your job and the huge world with a twist around every corner could take you from being president of SimCity to hobo in a few days. Expect it on the PS3, Xbox 360, DS, and Wii.

Bulletstorm: Bulletstorm looks to be the next Serious Sam, but more serious. Still we were greeted with humorous lines such as “I predict an imminent getting the **** out of here,” as the complex the character was in came crashing down. They announced it to us as a “symphony of blood and the player is the conductor.” We’ll see how ridiculous, or ridiculously awesome, Bulletstorm proves to be on Feburary 22nd, 2011 when it releases.

Crysis 2: Crytek is bringing the overwhelming game back which looks even more gorgeous. The main character is suited in a Nanosuit which features different functions, such as stealth mode. Set in New York Crytek promises to be a sandbox game with a linear storyline that keeps the player focused, but still granting exploration. They also professed the best AI ever, period. It is also going to be compatible with Setereoscopic 3-D and will arrive for the PS3, 360, and PC during Holiday 2010.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: All we saw was a teaser trailer from Bioware, but true to Bioware’s style, they blew us away. More will come.

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