E3 2010: FIFA 11 Developer Diary Reveals Personality+

FIFA 11 is on EA’s list of titles being showcased at E3 this year, but ahead of the show, the team at EA Sports is letting us see just what changes are being brought about this year.

The biggest change being added to FIFA 11 is a feature called Personality+. Essentially, Personality+ adds realism to the game by truly making skill levels matter. In years past, a player rated 65 could pass nearly as accurately as a player rated 90, but in FIFA 11, the players with a lower skill level will have a harder time passing, controlling the ball, judging tackles, shooting and dribbling.

In addition, Personality+ will actually include real factors of a player’s personality. For instance, Wayne Rooney will tend to doggedly pursue the ball while Berbatov will be more content to just wait for the ball to come to him. That sort of personality will play an important part in matches, as you’ll want to build a team of players who try their best and who show great determination.

The first video showcasing Personality+ was released today, and the developer diary showcases the immediate differences Personality+ will make in creating a more realistic gaming experience. The goal of the team at FIFA 11 is to make players more true-to-life and to also create a more realistic game. They want to create a game in which passes aren’t on a string and in which you truly have to consider who you’re passing to. It will create a slower, better-paced game, and should be an excellent scenario creator.

Check out the developer diary below and get excited to learn more about FIFA 11 at E3.