Review – CM4’s Catalyst PSPgo Slim Cover

Your expensive handheld gaming device is not cheap, so what can you do to protect it? CM4 has released their Catalyst line of covers for Wii remotes, the Nintendo DS, DSi, DSi XL, & Sony’s PSPgo. The covers are fabric-wrapped aluminum and allow full functionality of the device when installed.

We tested out the Slim Cover for the PSPgo and found it to be very versatile, and it protects the PSP better than other alternatives on the market.

Still in the Box up next to our PSPgo

Inside the package you’ll find both halves of the cover, a screen protector, and directions on how to install it. The directions probably wont be needed as it is simple and easy to install.

Cover Unboxed

Other covers we’ve tried for our PSPgo were silicone with no re-enforcement, and didn’t seem to offer much more than aesthetic protection. CM4’s cover is wrapped aluminum and gives you a better overall sense of security. You still shouldn’t drop your PSPgo, but if you did, this cover would at least minimize any external damage (as long as it doesn’t fall too far).

The cover fits snugly into place on both sides of the PSPgo and allows for the it to slide open and closed without any problems. There are holes for both the bluetooth light, the wi-fi light, and the PS Button also has a hole opened for it as well and is easily accessed with the cover installed.

Cover Installed

For those of you that use the PSPgo Cradle, the cover is installed without covering the lanyard hole and the cover can be removed without taking the lanyard off.

Lanyard Hole Not Obstructed

The back part of the cover will have to be removed for use in the cradle, but that only takes a few seconds.

PSPgo in the Cradle with the Back Cover Off

The overall quality and design of the Catalyst Slim PSPgo cover sets a new standard for handheld protection, while keeping the sexy and sleek design that is the PSPgo. Other covers may protect just as well, but wont look as good. Other covers may look as good, but won’t protect as well. While we haven’t tested the other products in the Catalyst line, it would be safe to say that they should protect your other devices just as well. Quality in one design should equal quality across the board.

If you own a PSPgo, or know someone who does, order one of these today.  While the $24.99 price is comparable to other covers, the quality goes beyond the others.