Developers Say 3DS Graphics Rival PS3, Xbox 360

Can it be true? Can a handheld have graphics that rival the PS3 and the Xbox 360? And can that handheld possibly come from Nintendo, bastions of arcade-style fun over current-generation graphics? It seems that Nintendo just may be developing the 3DS to have the most advanced graphics of all handheld platforms according to some developers who have seen the handheld console at work.

A recently-posted article on IGN claims that, “To provide stereoscopic 3D effects the system must have the ability to render each game field twice, one for each of the player’s eyes, a technique that will require significant horsepower to produce.”

According to the article, “several developers that have experienced 3DS in its current form have reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”

Sounds pretty good, right?

Expect some stiff competition from Sony, however, as the PSP2 will reportedly bring heavy-duty graphical capabilities to the table as well. We’ll keep this on the rumor hot stove for now, but it sure looks as though Nintendo is pushing for ultimate handheld dominance with the 3DS.

Nintendo is expected to unveil the 3DS at E3 in just over a week.