NPD: Most Extreme Gamers Play 48.5 Hours Per Week

The NPD just issued a new report called Gamer Segmentation 2010, and according to their research, the most extreme gamers play 48.5 hours per week. If you think that’s a lot of gaming, it is. That’s about 7 hours per day. When do they find time to do anything such as cook, eat, drink, or even minor things like sleeping, work, and going to the bathroom? We just don’t know.

Luckily, on the other end of the spectrum the report found that gamers aged 2 and older spent 13 hours per week playing games, which is up from 12.3 hours per week in 2009. Luckily, that only translates to less than 2 hours of gaming per day. Heck, that sounds about right.

According to the study, avid PC gamers and offline PC gamers made up 11 per cent and 8 per cent of the gaming population and were the oldest group, with the average age being 42 years old.

The study was conducted over a three year period and polled 18,872 respondents regarding their download purchases, micro-transactions, price for digital downloads, consoles, smartphones, portable gaming platforms, portable digital music players, laptops, and personal desktops.

The study grouped gamers into seven categories: Extreme Gamers, Avid PC Gamers, Heavy Portable Gamers, Console Gamers, Online PC Gamers, Offline PC Gamers, and Secondary Gamers.

That’s some scary information, isn’t it?