WoW: Cataclysm Class Change Info Coming Soon

The good folks over at Blizzard are currently preparing for the onslaught of nerd rage that comes their way every time they tweak the various classes of World of Warcraft. Starting tomorrow the company will start to reveal the various changes each class will go through in preparation for this fall’s Azeroth-shattering expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Things will kick off tomorrow with details regarding Shamans, Priests and Warlocks. The fun then continues Thursday with Warriors (this author’s class when he used to play), Death Knights and Rogues. This week’s information wraps up on Friday with the changes for Hunters, Druids and Mages.

Stalwart Paladins may notice their absence from Blizzard’s list. Fret not, as Blizzard poster Bashiok explains, “It’s also important to understand that some classes are currently further along in the development process than others, and as a result the amount of information will vary from class to class.”

Paladin changes will be revealed ten days from now on April 16.

Blizzard will showcase spells, talents and mastery bonuses gained from the level cap increase from 80 to 85 in addition to the change to the current sets. Some classes will even be bestowed with brand new low-level spells.

The extensive class changes will reflect the major impact Cataclysm will have on the world’s most popular MMO. The return of Warcraft II villain Deathwing the Destroyer, due to the destruction of the barriers holding him in another dimension, will change Azeroth in drastic ways.

The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, the two areas introduced when the game launched, will be changed aesthetically. Areas will sink into the sea while new dungeons rise above the waves. One of the most drastic changes will the be destruction of the Alliance town of Southshore. This has special significance for this writer because it’s where he got his very first mount.

The geographical changes will allow flying mounts, previously relegated to Outland and Northrend (introduced in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King respectively), free reign in the original areas.

Factor in the massive amount of new quests, two new races and revamped battlegrounds and it’s easy to see that Cataclysm will be the most important and impressive expansion to World of Warcraft yet.

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