Red Dead Redemption: Life in the West part 2 Video

If you’re like us, you’re probably excited about Red Dead Redemption. Set in a world of outlaws, ghost towns, Native American warriors and Mexican bandits, Red Dead Redemption is set to be a huge, sprawling exploration of the American west in 1908, just before the land you explore as John Marston becomes a more civilized place. The game world is absolutely huge, and in each town and village and throughout the countryside Marston will come into contact with characters of all different backgrounds. There are those who have an Ivy League education and those who simply rob and kill for a living.

Yesterday, Rockstar released a new gameplay series video that reveals more of the colorful characters inhabiting the western U.S., which can be seen below. To be honest, we’re just ridiculously excited about a properly-made Western that will feature memorable characters, huge areas to explore, and vicious gunfights that truly utilize your aiming skill as much as possible. Hit a man in the arm with your shot and he’ll drop his gun. Shot him in the knee and he won’t be able to stumble back up to his feet. This is a stunning, realistic game that we absolutely loved when we got our hands on it at PAX East last weekend.

In addition to vicious gunplay and a huge world, gamers can expect a unique wanted system that will reflect the wildness of the west. If you shoot and kill a few people and leave no witnesses your crime will go unpunished. It will be an anonymous killing. But, if you kill a few people and one of them manages to get on his horse and escape, you’ll find yourself hunted by bounty hunters and lawmen. Pretty exciting, right?

With Red Dead Redemption coming out on May 18 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar has begun pushing the full media blizzard. Check out “Life in the West part 2” below to get a feeling for the characters of the world and how they interact with Marston and the world around him.