This Gaming Headset Only Does Everything

ASTRO Gaming announced today that they have come up with a brand new, stunning set of headphones, the beautiful (and expensive) A30 Cross-Gaming Headset. The headset is touted as the “ultimate cross-gaming headset”, and it is. The headset is retailing for $149.95 ($229.95 with ASTRO’s MixAmp capability).

The A30 features a dual mic system that features a removable boom mic for console, PC gaming, and Skyping. It also includes a wired inline microphone for taking calls. The cross-gaming features of the headset are impressive as it ships with 3 swappable cables for use with consoles, PC’s and phones and iPods. In addition, the cables feature a control button that can answer and end calls and can also control iTunes.

Finally, the headset also allows gamers to connect to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network online voice communication with the ASTRO MixAmp.

Brett Lovelady, Founder of ASTRO Gaming said in the press release, “We’ve taken the DNA from ASTRO’s tournament-proven A40 pro gaming headset and injected features like our superior audio and voice communication technologies into a smaller, more lifestyle driven headset for gamers on-the-go. With the A30’s, you can play and chat at home through consoles and PCs, and then take it on the road, using A30s to listen to music and take phone calls on a smart phone or play the latest portable video game systems with game quality sound. With so much flexibility, the A30 is simply the best cross-gaming, mobile savvy headset on the market.”

While the A30 sounds fantastic, the real question will be whether gamers have the money to shell out on expensive headphones. There’s no doubt that the headset does everything and quite frankly, if I had the money, I’d love to own them.

Interested gamers can check out the headset at ASTRO Gaming’s website, and, if you fall in love, rest assured, they’ll be there tomorrow, too. So just start saving up. One penny at a time.