Sam Fisher Has a Twitter Account!

In anticipation of Sam Fisher’s return (finally! Where have you been all my life, Sam?) on April 13; the elusive, former Third Echelon agent has adopted the trend and gone tweeting. Yes, Sam Fisher has a Twitter account and he’s posting hints to what his mission is and how we can help him.

Though the Twitter account features such amazing dialogue as, “drunk driver…never believed that. I’ll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this. For me…and for Sarah,” I’m just giddy with excitement. Yes, despite the terribly bland writing that Sam Fisher displays, Splinter Cell: Conviction is looking absolutely amazing, and with a demo arriving in just two days, hype is ramping up for the elusive killer’s return.

Sam is now on the run from the Third Echelon after going deep undercover in Splinter Cell: Double Agent and he’s pursuing those responsible for his daughter’s death. In addition, Sam uncovers a plot to attack Washington, DC and must stop the terrorists while hunting for information about his daughter and what happened to her.

Beyond the Twitter account, Ubisoft has launched a unique marketing campaign, e-mailing us a page from Sam’s passport with the announcement of Sam’s Twitter page and the words, “Don’t believe what you hear. My mission is one of justice.” The postcard features stamps from several nations, though how relevant they are is up for debate. Is it possible that Sam travels around the world in pursuit of his daughter’s killers in Splinter Cell: Conviction? The stamps on the postcard include Amsterdam and several other European nations we couldn’t identify specifically but could identify as EU by their stamp style. So what’s your vote? Will we be seeing Sam sneaking through coffeeshops in Amsterdam and spelunking through France in pursuit of DC terrorists and his daughter’s killers?

Look for Splinter Cell: Conviction to arrive on April 13 in North America and April 15 in Europe for the Xbox 360 and PC.