Star Wars: The Old Republic is EA’s Most Expensive Project Ever

Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown said yesterday that Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is being developed by BioWare, is the “largest ever development project, period, in the history of the company.”

While the exact price tag of the game wasn’t revealed by Brown, it can be a safe bet that it’s well above $50-$60 million, if not approaching the $100 million mark which some have estimated World of Warcraft cost to develop. EA is clearly hedging their bets that this will be the next huge MMO and a potential World of Warcraft-killer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t scheduled for release until the Spring of 2011, but it’s safe to assume that the game will be excellent. After all, when the developer is BioWare you might as well just shovel money at them. They make a superior product every time.

Source: Joystiq

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