Fable III To Have Twitter Integration

It’s already been noted that one of the most important aspects of Fable III is acquiring a dedicated group of followers as you rule the kingdom of Albion. Now, Peter Molyneux says that the number of followers you have in the game may also be manipulated by your Twitter account.

Speaking at GDC 2010, Molyneux dropped a clue regarding part of the new Fable experience, saying, “I Twitter now and, you know, I’ve got followers on Twitter. That’s an interesting mechanic, and we integrate that into the Fable experience.”

How exactly will Twitter integration work? Well, we don’t have any idea yet, quite frankly, but if our friends get Twitter updates about our progress in the game we are stoked. “Killed.” “Died.” “Oh snap, beat a villager.” “Had a kid.” “Abandoned family for treasure quest.” “Died. Again.” “Grew horns and red eyes.” Our Twitter feed would look awesome and people would really wonder what we’re up to.

Source (and image credit): Joystiq