Rumor: PS3 To Go 3D This Summer

A rumor has emerged that the PS3 will receive a 3D update on June 10th.

The rumored firmware update will enable compatible games and Blu-ray films to be played in 3D – although only if you’re one of the lucky (rich?) few who own a 3D television.

Currently, the only PS3 game to offer a 3D mode is Avatar, although the upcoming Game of the Year Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum will offer a limited selection of 3D levels. Sony has also shown videos of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, WipEout HD and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift in 3D, although it’s unknown whether any of these games will receive an actual 3D makeover.

It’s believed that the timing of the rumored firmware update is designed to coincide with the launch of Sony’s first 3D television, which is set to go on sale in Japan on June 10th. The LX900 3D TV has a 46-inch screen and will retail for 350,000 yen ($3,898; £2,608).

So if your mouth is watering at the prospect of playing WipEout in 3D, you’d best get saving…

Source: TheSixthAxis