Famous Xbox 360 Available on eBay

Why, you ask, is this Xbox 360 famous? Well, in some circles it is famous because it was part of an investigation that led to the downfall of Sheila Dixon, the former mayor of Baltimore.

Her mayor-ness was indicted for embezzlement earlier this year and one of the main pieces of evidence in her case was an Xbox 360 that prosecutors claim was purchased using gift cards provided to her and which were supposed to be given to charities in the city.

The Xbox 360 showed up two days ago on eBay and has reached a bidding price of $701. But, with 8 days, 5 hours, and 36 minutes remaining on the auction and 32 bids as of writing, it can be safely assumed that the price will continue to rise. It is a standard Xbox 360. White with a 20 GB hard drive, but it’s a famous Xbox 360 that helped destroy a political career!

Source: Joystiq