Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 To Support Sony’s ‘Arc’ Motion Controller

EA announced today that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will support the PlayStation Motion Controller when it arrives on June 8. The press release states that the PlayStation 3 Motion Controller support will “give gamers an authentic interactive swing experience.”

The announcement did not include support for Natal and it’s safe to assume that the integration of the PlayStation Motion Controller, which is widely being called ‘Arc’ across the industry, will work similarly to the way that the Wii MotionPlus controller will be used in PGA Tour 11. According to the press release, “The Advanced Plus swing difficulty will read rotation and swing angle while Tour Pro swing mechanic assesses rotation, swing plane and point of contact.” While these features are only touted as existing for the Wii, it seems that Motion Controller support for the PlayStation 3 will include similar, if not the same, technology.

Sony’s Motion Controller has a projected Fall release, which means that PGA Tour 11 will be prepared for its release, unless Sony surprises us and delivers the controller sometime in the very near future.

In addition to announcing support for Sony’s Motion Controller, EA also announced that gamers will be able to compete in The Ryder Cup. The game will allow two 12-man teams to compete against each other for American or European glory.

Finally, EA also unveiled the box art for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, which features not only Tiger but also Rory Mcllroy, the Northern Irish star who represents the European Ryder Cup team on the cover. Check out the box art below and get excited for PGA Tour 11 when it hits on June 8 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and iPhone.