Sony Making PlayStation Phone

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Sony is developing a new lineup of handheld devices to rival Apple as that company continues to make advances in the video game industry with the iPhone and upcoming iPad.

One of the new devices is the oft-rumored but never confirmed smart phone, which will be able to play PlayStation games. In addition to the smart phone that is in development, Sony is also developing a device that will “blur distinctions among a netbook, an e-reader and a PlayStation Portable, or PSP.”

Both the devices will be designed to work with Sony Online Service, which is intended to be a direct competitor to Apple’s iTunes.

According to the article, which drew its information from a source at Sony, the new products will be arriving in 2010. Sony has clarified that prices and specifications are yet to be finalized for the platforms.

Sony is working with Sony Ericsson to create the handset and will take an active role in the creation of the smartphone and portable tablet. Kunimasa Suzuki, Senior Vice President of Sony, is said to be supervising the development of the devices.

Source: WSJ via Joystiq