505 Games Chooses Who Builds Greased Lightning

Today 505 Games, best known for the Cooking Momma and Armored Core Franchises, announced the developers of the upcoming Wii and DS video game iterations of the 1978 Paramount classic, Grease. According to 505, Zoë Mode will develop for Wii, and Big Head Games will develop the DS version.

For those who have their fears regarding their translation from film to game, UK-based developer Zoë Mode has several hits among their accomplishments, including Guitar Hero 5, Singstar Pop Hits, and Chime. They’re known for making games that are fun and easily accessible by a wide audience but that also challenge the hardened gamer.

Big Head Games, another UK developer, was founded by the ex-directors of 8-Bit Games and have so far made several titles for the Apple App store such as Terminator and Hollywood Hotel.

Look forward to more information on both iterations of the Grease video game as they come out on Terminal Gamer.

Eric Surrell

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