Project Natal’s Lag Time Recorded

MTV Multiplayer tested the lag time of Microsoft’s Project Natal motion-controller using a stopwatch and found that the average lag time was about one-tenth of a second.

Obviously, the test isn’t scientific, but MTV’s Russ Frushtick said that the lag is in line with that of high-end motion capture devices used by Hollywood studios. He also said that the motion control device’s lag is about equal to that of the pre-Motion Plus Wii Remote and that over time, Nintendo was able to improve the technology and done away with the lag in games like Wii Sports Resort.

In addition, Frushtick pointed out that he timed the lag during a media event that featured the same hand ball game that was shown last year at E3 and that he expects Microsoft will have something new to show at E3 2010 and that that something may include updates that have done away with the lag. He also theorized that firmware updates could do away with it if it exists at all by the time Natal is released this Holiday season.

Source: MTV Multiplayer via Kotaku