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E3 2010: Kinect For Xbox 360

Microsoft astounded the world with the motion-sensor tech-bit Kinect, formerly known as “Project Natal” a day before E3 through a Cirque du Soleil performance which was “inspired by Kinect's technology.” The Kinect device, which looks like it may have been

Project Natal’s Lag Time Recorded

MTV Multiplayer tested the lag time of Microsoft’s Project Natal motion-controller using a stopwatch and found that the average lag time was about one-tenth of a second. Obviously, the test isn’t scientific, but MTV’s Russ Frushtick said that the lag

Valve Slams Party Games

Speaking to CVG, Valve writer Chet Faliszek said that Valve believes Project Natal is “really cool” but that they want to see motion-controlled gaming evolve from today’s party games. Faliszek said that, “Hopefully we’ve gotten past the point of mini-games.

Halo No More: Microsoft Halts Original Xbox Games on Xbox Live

No More ‘Halo’ and ‘Halo 2’ Games Online