Free Copies of Red Faction: Guerilla For Everyone!

Last week we reported that the lucky purchasers of early copies of Darksiders would be able to redeem a free copy of Red Faction: Guerilla using the promo code included with each game. Unfortunately, that left a lot of late adopters out in the cold. But, Vigil has just announced that anyone who purchases or purchased a new copy of Darksiders would be able to redeem a free, hard copy of Red Faction: Guerilla.

Vigil, the developers of Darksiders, announced on their blog that gamers without codes would be able to redeem both Red Faction: Guerilla and an artwork disc by filling out a form, providing their original purchase receipt for a new copy of the game and the barcode from the game manual. In addition, just like with the promo code giveaway, gamers will have to pay $5 for the game’s shipping and handling.

Thanks, THQ and Vigil!!

Source: Vigil