Love To Debut March 25

The Indie MMO Love is set to be released on March 25. The MMO, developed by Eskil Steenberg, has been several years in development.

Love is an MMO built on a unique concept – it’s a first person MMO that features numerous servers. You are assigned to one server and will share it with about 200 other players. This makes for a tighter-knit community in which you truly get to know the people you are playing with and the actions you take make a significant difference because of the small size of each community.

Love will feature deformable terrain so that you can create a home for your character any way you want. You can build a house or you can simply carve a cave into a wall. Settlements can be developed when your character finds a token and others can help build and then protect your settlement by adding tokens and creating their own homes and unique tools and buildings. Rather than competing against each other, gamers will be playing against AI characters, allowing teamwork and a unique atmosphere of agreement and cooperation.

The game world in Love features an unbelievably beautiful and unique art style that’s immediately evident in the screenshots below. Check them out and be sure to check out Love when it’s released on March 25.

Geoff Calver

Founder and Editor-in-Chief. Game lover. XBL Gamertag: GeoffCalver

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