Did You Buy Darksiders Early? Great. You Get A Free Copy of Red Faction: Guerilla.

If you picked up a copy of THQ’s Darksiders, you may have noticed a coupon inside the box with a code and instructions to hold onto it. If you did receive the coupon and if you do still have it, you’re in luck.

THQ announced that everyone who owns an early copy of Darksiders and still has the coupon will be able to redeem a free copy of Red Faction: Guerilla and a “digital Hellbook disc featuring Darksiders art, videos, and other awesome stuff.”

The free copy of Red Faction: Guerilla is a hard copy for the system of your choice, though because it’s a hard copy and not a digital version of the game, you will have to pay $5 for shipping. But that’s it. And that is a really, really sweet deal because Red Faction: Guerilla isn’t just a good game, it’s a great game. It’s open-world action with unbelievably destructible environments. Trust us when we say that $5 is a really, really good deal.

Take heed to redeem your copy soon, though – the promotion will end on March 7. Oh, and it’s only available to US residents. I know, bummer, eh? Stupid THQ forgetting about Canadian gamers.