Modern Warfare 2 Care Package Patch Now Live

Today Infinity Ward released a new patch for Modern Warfare 2 that fixes the infamous “infinite care package” exploit and other issues with the popular shooter as well. The patch was released for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

In a post on Infinity Ward’s forums today, Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, unveiled the patch’s release.

The patch includes the following fixes:

– Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint speed normalized.

– Fix for “infinite care package” exploit.

– Sentry Guns: Improved placement detection, preventing cases of Sentry Guns inside geometry.

– Model 1887: Bling using Akimbo and FMJ combination now has same range and damage as non-Bling Model 1887s.

– Fixes to prevent various XP hacks (including the prevention of negative XP)

So there you have it, folks. The patch has now arrived and will automatically be downloaded when you next boot up Modern Warfare 2 will connected to Xbox LIVE or PSN.